Free download ID Flow Free ID Card Software

ID Flow Free ID Card Software

Quickly enroll new cardholders, capture photo, lookup and manage existing records and print ID cards
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20 May 2014

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This is a Id card maker tool.

ID Flow is a software for designing identification cards. It will help you design identification badges very simply yet, the products could be professional looking. Capturing photos of the employees or group members, integrating them with the card and getting 5them printed is a simple affair. The simple interface makes it easy for anyone with some familiarity with a computer to design an Id. card and get that printed. You do not need a graphic designer to handle the job. Personnel data can be held in a database management software and easily retrieved from there to be added to the card details. You would be able to link to these databases in real-time, manage records and print cards. Preview of the design is always in front of you. Thus, designing becomes quite simple and back-tracking from any mistake quite easy.

The tool lets you encode barcodes, mag-stripes and smart chips. You are able to automatically adjust text and images to fit the design space. Advanced graphics effects could be added simply. 1D and 2D barcodes can be added. Any ODBC or OLE/DB compliant database could be accessed. You should be able to start printing ID cards within a few minutes by selecting a sample ID card template and by connecting to the required database. Select records from the database and click print to print ID cards for all selected records. Data can be pulled straight from driver licenses or passports, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Photos could be captured using digital webcams or sophisticated DSLR flash cameras. Background can be removed from photos and cropped automatically to fit the space of Id card. Capture signature and biometrics using any compatible USB biometric capture device, save the data in the record and print on the ID card. This is a very good tool.

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Design professional photo ID cards using the feature-rich design tools. Automatically remove the background from photos and signatures. Link text, photos, barcodes on the card design to the database fields and automate printing for 100s of records. Log activities and view reports. Print single and double sided PVC cards with K-Panel ink.
ID Flow Free ID Card Software
ID Flow Free ID Card Software
Version 6.6
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